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Selective membranal separation of CO2 and other gases

2005 - 2024


Nanoglowa 1 & 2 Capwa, Norcem, GENESIS (European Community, and ECRA & Gasnova programs) applicative research design and project implementation, CO2 selective membranes separation projects from industrial flue gases – 8 testing cases in Europe. 

  • Netherlands, Kema, Arenhem, laboratory testing of Yodfat pilot.

  • Poland ICHP Warsaw, laboratory testing of Yodfat pilot. 

  • Netherlands Borsele, coal powered power plant, real industrial flue gas. 

  • Portugal Sines coal powered power plant– EDP real industrial flue gas.

  • Germany EoN Essen coal powered power plant real industrial flue gas.

  • Israel IEC, Ashkelon, coal powered power plant, real industrial flue gas.

  • Spain Toledo, Gas Natural Fenosa, natural gas-powered power plant, real industrial flue gas. 

  • Norway, Brevik, Norcem, coal powered power plant, real industrial flue gas.

  • Latvia Schwenk Broceni, coal powered power plant, real industrial flue gas.

Photo Bio Reactors (PBR) for the bio technology industry, worldwide

2010 – 2024


Yodfat is cooperating with Prof. Eric Prouzet, Canada, in the development of PBR’s and established this cooperation under “Clear Sky“ initiative. Recently the initiative is being considered by investors in Canada and the USA. 

Bulk Water Supply, Rain Harvesting, Dams, Reservoirs and Hydraulic structures and Irrigation.

2000 - 2024


Irrigation and bulk water supply projects, water mains (large diameter GRP and PE pipes) pumping stations, water treatment, reservoirs and dams (rain harvesting), hydrology and drainage runoff modelling, civil engineering, hydraulic structures and functionality, rivers intakes design, river banks protection – sheet piles. farm roads and drainage canals, drip irrigation (replacing flood irrigation).


  • Turkey – improvement of irrigation’s efficiency, Yamurtalik Ceyhan, Adana district, 100,000 hectares

  • Ukraine, Uyutnie – analysing of hydraulic structures.

  • Tanzania- Razaba Bagamoyo, 15,000 hectares, northwest to: Dar es Salaam. 

  • Kenya - Kwale, 5,000 hectares. 

  • Ethiopia - Omo River - 86,000 hectares. 

  • Russian Federation- Astrakhan - diverting the water from the river                                                      Volga,9,000 hectares. 

  • Rwanda- Kirehe, Nianza, Mugasera Masaka 2,000 hectares. 

  • East Timor- 2,000 hectares. 

  • Ethiopia- Awash Bordede project of bulk water supply for irrigation, mains, pumping stations, reservoirs and dams-  Emami Biotech company India. 

  • Kenya - RAI Group, Sukari Industries – embankments breach correction, following extreme floods, Kanyabolli lake’s dyke reconstruction, regional drainage canal connecting the farm to the Victoria lake, Yala river deviation facilities repair and re design of functionality and Lake Agro farn re development, 5,000 hectares.

  • Tanzania, AZAM Bachkresa Group, Bagamoyo Sugar Cane – 6,000 hectares

  • Wami river banks protection, Wami intake, water sedimentation plant, large diameter water conduits PE & GRP), pumping stations, Tambwezi lagoon, farm roads and main roads, drainage, dams and reservoirs (rain harvesting). 


India and People’s Republic of China Water and Wastewater Treatment.

2008 – 2010


India - DEEPAK Fertilizers (near Pune- Maharashtra) – CWMS Panse allization of CaCO3 in fertilizer

People's Republic of China - Asia Group Beijing 


Urumqi planning and delivery of a system designed to remove arsenic As and fluoride F from naturally contaminated potable water with ADEDGE  USA


Past projects in Israel

Western Galilee and Haifa Bay Master Plan - hydrology, drinking water supply, waste water collection and treatment, effluent supply, drainage, soil conservation and agriculture. The plan was the basis for the establishment of the "Asher Reservoirs." agricultural water company, supplying approximately 20 million m3 treated effluent, throughout the Western Galilee. 


Northern Galilee (west) - Ein Ziv - master plan for hydrology, drinking water supply, waste water collection and treatment, effluent supply, drainage, soil conservation and agriculture. 

1995 - 1997

2000 Netofa effluent reservoir

1988 – 2000

Netofa WWTP 10,000 m3/day.

2000 – 2023

Naaman and Acre Rivers Master Plan for the alleviation of

floods in the sea side city of Acre, Western Galilee, Israel -and urban area and urban drainage master plan, for the whole city of Acre, 

including sea outlets.

1991 – 1992

1995 – 1997

Urban drainage planning - Kiryat Elyezer (part of Haifa).

1998 – 2002

Design of the Beit Shean (and surroundings) wastewater treatment plant 25,000 m3/day.

2002 – 2004

BWRO for “Afikey Maym” water company together with Black and Veatch UK 25 million m3

2005 – 2006

BWRO, Kefar Massaryk 1,200 m3/hr approximately 10 million m3/year.

2003 – 2013

Red Sea Dead Sea- Yodfat has ben invited to team up with

Halliburton USA for the upcoming international tender, published by the World Bank. The project’s aim  was to divert Red Sea water into a northbound, water conduit, to hydraulically overcome the Faran area and then make use of the gravity conditions, all the way down to the Dead Sea , where the Red Sea water was supposed to fill up the emptying Dead Sea and provide potable water, mainly to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Halliburton pulled out of the project, being replaces by the French, Coynne et Bellier with whom Yodfat has worked on the project for 3-4 years, until the completion of the feasibility report and its submission to the world bank  

1998 - 2013

Tivall - Osem - Nestle (soya food industry) and "Maaleh" dairy

cowshed farm - common waste water treatment plant, in Kibutz Lochamey HaGetaot, Western Galilee, Israel.

2013 – 2022

Dead Sea Power– Upon the completion of the Red Dead

feasibility report, Yodfat has been approached by a US group, from Stevenson Alabama and from Raleigh North Carolina, to assume the CEO position. The project includes  planning of a 12m diameter tunnelled canal of 75km, from the Mediterranean Sea to the north of the Dead Sea, diverting 28 billion m3 of Mediterranean sea water, by gravity at rates up to 300,000 m3/hr, to a 15 million m3 sea water lake, in the Judea desert near Maale Adomim - east of Jerusalem. The water off the lake, is planned to be desalinated in a 100 million m3 product. Water off the lowest point of the lake, will drain towards a 1,600 MW sea water hydroelectric project ("green" no CO2 signature, all gravity- electricity reserve for emergency situations, filling the Dead Sea basin at an accelerated rate of approximately 3 m/year, to -406. This could contribute to the stopping  of the accelerated sinkholes formation around the northern basin and aiming to supply 700 MW to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and at least 100 million m3 potable water.  

2015 -2016

Manara Pumped Storage 400 MW

2010 – 2012

Lehavim Industries, Naharya (aeration motor blades manufacturer) Western Galilee - consulting regarding inorganic industrial\sewage treatment process.

2010 – 2020

Golan Heights - Dinur wastewater treatment plant for “Kolchey Golan" Golan water and wastewater services company

2010 – 2012

Or Akiva - Sewage collector including HDD sections  (length 5 km, diameter 710mm HDPE) design (including tender documents- for the Hadera sewage treatment and effluent reuse in the Hadera River watershed).

2016 – 2018

Yodfat & HYFLUX – prepared plans for the construction and put in service, of a SWRO (sea water reverse osmosis) open sea vessel able to produce 420,000 m3/hr and provide immediate relief to at least 1 million population in disaster areas.


Civil & Process Engineering Israel UK Cooperation


Severn Trent Water UK urban drainage plan for Charles Haswell & Partners, Severn Trent Water. Yodfat role was - design team member, in the Derby drainage project UK. Yodfat  was widely introduced in the UK and in its capacity as project director in the Gedora Kishon artificial soil freezing and large box jacking tunnel. Haifa Israel, Yodfat & Haswell teamed up, conducting French,  UK , Swiss and Israeli experts, technology providers and contractors. 


UltimatelyYodfat Engineers won first 2001 prize for original innovative engineering from Israel's Association of Builders and Contractors.Yodfat was also invited to present the project at the British Royal Tunneling Society, in London.


Yodfat Severn Trent Water cooperation started 1n 1993 in Hadera Israel, where Yodfat served as principle designer for the Hadera waste water treatment plant (WWTP), ultimately designed for a population of 300,000 . Yodfat work in the project was supported by senior process experts of Severn Trent Water and reached high quality effluent (nitrification-denitrification as well as low phosphorous levels, stabilized de watered sludge) at efficient cost of investment and O&M. 

Pardess Hanna Karkur (PHK) Water Services Commercialization – further cooperation with Severn Trent Water. 

By launching the project under its wholistic form, PHK had the goal to provide water related services, sewage, drainage, billing & collection, coordination with building developers in Pardess Hanna Karkur an efficient, nonpolitical service. 


The project executed by Yodfat and Severn Trent Water Intl was a first of its kind in Israel and served as a bench mark to the urban commercialized water companies that were established with the launching of the Israel Water Corporations Law.

Hadera was the next in line, after PHK to adopt the aforesaid approach and Yodfat has carried out a very detailed business plan for the city as well as for the investors Poalim Investment and others. A reallocation of assets and positions, presented and still does, a serious obstacle (not technical), in the way to efficiency and lowering of provided commercial services, to the water corporations  customers in Israel.


Petach Tikva – Meytav. Yodfat joined another management project and served as consultant for the new water services corporation "Meytav" established for the city of Petah Tikva (near Tel Aviv) according to the new Water Corporations in Israel – 400,000 population.


Kishon river, Haifa, Israel

1991- 2022

Detailed design and International tender documents for the Kishon contaminated sediment removal project with environmental and hydraulic dredging and treatment (2.3 million m3 fresh slurry, i.e. dewatered sediment at 18% DS or 450,000 m3) and full treatment of all contaminated material fractions (soil 450,000 m3 "fresh" sediment,150,000 m3 "old " sediment), water (supernatant from the dewatering process) 7,200 m3/day, contaminated air (from the bio piles) 50,000 m3/hr). Project budget: $ USD 50 million. 

The project is the largest environmental project carried out in Israel. 

Upon completion of the sediment dredging and clean up, the Kishon sediment treatment site restoration, needs to be implemented, all in view of the planned park / flood plains operation. Whenever large rain storm conditions prevail, the Kishon river runoff, cannot reach the sea and backwater rises. The Kishon runoff waters planned to accumulate on the flood plains, are meant to do so up to two distinct levels and two distinct storage volumes, all depending on the amount of water appearing differently in each year. 

The planning of environmental restoration of the Kishon sediment treatment site needs to be considered, in conjunction with the above operation possible routines.

The project is planned to provide TIMING control of the river’s flow with the help of gates.


International Regional Projects

1991 – 1995

Former USSR - irrigation water supply projects in the ex Soviet Union and the current independent republics of Azerbaidz'an, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tadjik’istan). Projects planned for the Eisenberg Group and the "Merchav" group.

Yodfat mobilized engineering and technical assets, in a vast effort to realize new agricultural projects that were taking out of service local cotton harvesters and flood irrigation practices,

The projects have proven that the crop increased by 500 – 600% while the irrigation water consumption reduced to about 50%. 


Angola - Wacu Cungo regional center development plan for agricultural industries including power supply system, generators, water treatment and supply, sewage collection and basic treatment, roads, drainage and planning of villages in Israeli agricultural villages format 1920 - LR and MED groups.


2004 – 2006

Papua New Guinea – Port Moresby and Balimo

Comprehensive regional development plan of villages in Israeli agricultural villages format, industrialized fish farming, plantations agriculture, regional center of agricultural industries including power supply system and generators, water treatment and supply, sewage collection and basic treatment, roads and drainage. Planning for MED group.


Omo River -water and development.



Containment of contaminated groundwater and treatment, electro chemicals industries (Frutarom) – southern Akko, Israel.

2020 – 2023

Following many years of neglect, the Tidhar group, Israel, assumed resonsibility to launch a large risk management scheme, aimed to define the clean up strategy to be adopted, presented to the water and environmental government authorities and implemented. Ecolog- an Israeli prominent company with expertise in geo – hydrology has beeen appointed by Tidhar to be project manager and in this capacity has invited Yodfat to provide the recommended treatment and the technological specifications for the project, making use of the close Yodfat contacts in similar projects in the UK and other places.


The treatment includes: activated carbon adsorbption, for the removal of elemental mercury vapors, air stripping (forcing clean air through the contaminated air - causes the chemicals to change from a liquid to a gas (evaporate), catalytic oxydation (removing chlorinated solvents) , heavy metals adsorption systems and operational programs.



2021 – 2024

Refurbishment of dykes (local dyke reconstruction and improvements- Yala river and long dyke segments reconstructions Kamyabolli lake), regional floods alleviation, including deviation sluice gates and overflow hydraulic structures farm operational procedures (transition from flood irrigation to drip irrigation) – Lake Agro farm, near Victoria lake, Siaya District, The project is owned by Sukari Technologies of the RAI Group Nairobi, Kenya. 

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