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Who We Are

Since 1991, Yodfat Engineers has grown to become an essential part of the Civil, Agricultural and Environmental engineering community in Israel as well as in a great number of communities - internationally. 


The firm has continuously invested in obtaining and implementing high-level design practices, with a strong emphasis on the subsequent operation and maintenance aspects, forming over the years, a unique engineering experience. 


In 35 years of activity, the firm implemented a large variety of innovative engineering ideas that had great impact allowing the projects to be repeatedly analyzed from both the technical and economic aspects, learning from the past and reflecting into the future, on the wide range of subjects, presented in the firm’s portfolio.

A touch of history

  • Sept.1954 Born- Bucharest, Romania.

  • Aug.1963 Immigration to Israel. Residence: Givat Shmuel, near Tel Aviv.

  • June 1972 Graduate high school - Alliance, Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv.

  • 1972 to 1975 IDF military service, airborne infantry and paratroopers (Reg.890)

  • Oct.1973- Active participation - Yom Kippur War, Sinai front, Suez Canal, Ismaylia

  • 1973 Moving permanent residence to Yodfat. Upon completion of military service - occupation: agriculture (Yodfat Cotton farming and management of farm water infrastructure)

  • 1975 IDF reserves airborne infantry and paratroopers (Reg.9255)- until 1998

  • 1980 – 1984 Academic Studies: Technion in Haifa - faculty of agricultural

  • engineering, soil, water and environmental engineering.

  • Aug. 1980 – wed Yael Engel.

  • June 1982 – Lebanon war on the western front Sidon, Beirut and Shoof mountains till 1985.

  • 1983 Parallel to completion of studies at the Technion, practitioner and assistant in the Subsurface Drainage and Field Run Off drainage courses, Faculty ofAgricultural Engineering, with Prof, Gideon Sinai.

  • Three children – Yuval born in 1982, Tal- in 1985 and Maayan – in 1987.

  • 1984 Technion Graduation.

  • 1985 "Agroteam Co" and Yodfat water infrastructure manager (assets: run off water reservoir, water well & water storage concrete tank, effluent storagereservoir, pumps, piping, drainage, maintenance, detailed design and supervision on execution).

  • 1986 Israel Ministry of Agriculture , Western Galilee (800 km 2 ) - District Engineer – water, soil, drainage, agricultural development.

  • 1991 left the Government post.

  • 1991 Yodfat Engineers - company foundation by myself as an economic activity of the Yodfat cooperative agricultural village and farm.

  • 1994 Yodfat Engineers- company was acquired by Danny & Yael Sherban, during the 1994 privatization of Yodfat and is fully controlled by Danny and Yael Sherban ever since.

  • 2024 we are still here.

  • Since 2013 Yodfat Engineers had gradually limited its work in Israel and is now 2021- working exclusively, internationally.

Yodfat Engineers Tributes of Honor to:

  • Prof. Dan Zaslawsky – Technion , Haifa, Israel

  • Prof. Gideon (Gidi) Sinai – Technion , Haifa, Israel

  • Prof. Sam Friedman –Technion , Haifa, Israel

  • Prof.Noah Galil– Technion , Haifa, Israel

  • Dr.Dan Rozentzwig - Israel Ministry of Agriculture

  • Dr.Mario Romem – Israel Ministry of Agriculture

  • Ezra Hankin- Israel Ministry of Agriculture

  • Michael Engel – Yodfat, Israel

  • Yehezkel (Hezy) Britt – Kibutz Kabri, Israel

  • Dr.Avinoam Golomb - Israel Ministry of Agriculture

  • Shaul Shtreit ,Ministry of Interior, Israel

  • Moshe Netzer – Kibutz Ramat Yohanan, Israel

  • Michael Dor – Kibutz Yagur, Israel

  • Lievense, Breda, the Netherlands.

  • Prof. Ronald E. Waterman, Delft, the Netherlands.

  • Steven Nederhorst, BKH, Delft, the Netherlands.

  • David Stiggers, Severn Trent Water, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

  • Tom Schofield, Severn Trent Water, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

  • Geoff Bateman, Haswell, Severn Trent Water, Birmingham,United Kingdom.

  • Jack Knight, Haswell, Severn Trent Water, Birmingham,United Kingdom.

  • Marie Aylife , Geoff Bateman, Haswell, Severn Trent Water,Birmingham, United Kingdom.

  • Alan Auld , Doncaster, United Kingdom

  • Natan Shechter – Israel – 35 years of working closely togetherKibutz Ein HaHoresh

  • Dr.Anael Engel – Yodfat, Israel

  • Aharon Benjamini – Timrat, Israel

  • Tzvika Greengold – Koranit, Israel

  • Kees van den Ende, Kema, Arnhem, the Netherlands.

  • Geerit Oudaker- the Netherlands.

  • * Yodfat Engineers (1994) Ltd. * 2

  • Paul Raats – Kema, Arnhem, the Netherlands, DNV Norway.

  • Ludwin Daal - Kema, Arnhem, the Netherlands, DNV Norway.

  • Hans Werner -CUT Dusseldorf Germany

  • Prof.May Britt Hagg – NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

  • Dr. Michael Follman- Aachen, Germany

  • Dr. Torsten Brinksmann - Helmhotz Geeztacht Zentrum HZG, Hamburg Germany

  • Dr.Sergey Shishatsky- Helmholtz Zentrum Geeztacht Zentrum,HZG,Hamburg Germany

  • Dr. Thomas Beeskow – G.M.T Rheinfelden, Germany

  • Gunter Krey – Borsig, Rheinfelden, Germany

  • Armands Ceimers - Elektro Serviss, Saldus, Latvia

  • Dr. Malcolm Wilson – Canada.

  • David Robinson - Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

  • Dr. Atul Salhotra - Houston Texas, U.S.A

  • Avi Werber – Land & Water, London, United Kingdom

  • Dr. Barry Ellis - Celtic, Cardiff ,Wales United Kingdom.

  • C.L.N Rao - Orbia - Nairobi. Kenya

  • Ramesh Kumar - Bakhresa AZAM, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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